Value of B-integral for material of given thickness \( z \), wavelength of radiation and position-independent (maximal) intensity \( I_\mathrm{max} \): $$B=\frac{2\pi}{\lambda}\intop_0^{z}n_2I(z)\mathrm{d}z'=\frac{2\pi n_2 I_\mathrm{max} z}{\lambda}.$$ Reported values of nonlinear refractive index \( n_2 \) at the corresponding wavelenghts given below. For wavelenghts in the given range, value of \( n_2 \) is interpolated. For wavelenghts outside the region, \( n_2 \) at the closest wavelength is used.

\( B_\mathrm{o} \)
\( B_\mathrm{e} \)

Wavelength [nm]
Intensity \( I_\mathrm{max} \)[GW/cm²]
Distance \( z \) [mm]
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