HARPIA model number encoder/decoder Rev. 20210322 


To get HARPIA options/model number, type in the model or select the corresponding options in checkboxes

Options can also be obtained by following a direct link such as http://toolbox.lightcon.com/tools/harpia/PM0200110000


  • GET Returns HARPIA detailed options for the given model number
    Example: http://toolbox.lightcon.com/tools/harpia/?model=PM0200110000
    						"descriptor": [
    							{"option": "DL1", "description": "Physik Instrumente VT-80"}, 
    							{"option": "BC2", "description": "Motorized Berek's compensators"}, 
    							{"option": "DLC3", "description": "8 pn probe beam delay configuration"}, 
    							{"option": "NDF1", "description": "Manual neutral density filters"}, 
    							{"option": "SP1", "description": "Andor Kymera 193i with 2 gratings"}], 
    						"model": "PM0200110000", 
    						"options": ["DL1", "BC2", "DLC3", "NDF1", "SP1"]
  • GET Returns HARPIA model and detailed for given comma-separated options
    Example: http://toolbox.lightcon.com/tools/harpia/?options=PR1,DL2,DM2,SP2,BC1,SH1,TB1
    						"descriptor": [
    							{"option": "PR1", "description": "Internal WLSc generator for PHAROS"}, 
    							{"option": "DM2", "description": "Multichannel InGaAs NIR/Mid-IR detector (Hamamatsu C8062-01 + G9208-256W, 1100 - 2600 nm)"}, 
    							{"option": "SH1", "description": "Manual sample's holding unit"}, {"option": "DL1", "description": "Physik Instrumente VT-80"}, 
    							{"option": "BC1", "description": "Manual Berek's compensators"}, {"option": "DLC1", "description": "2 ps probe beam delay configuration"}, 
    							{"option": "NDF1", "description": "Manual neutral density filters"}, {"option": "SP2", "description": "Andor Shamrock 163i with 2 gratings"}, 
    							{"option": "TB1", "description": "Harpia-TB"}], 
    						"model": "PM1820240008", 
    						"options": ["PR1", "DL2", "DM2", "SP2", "BC1", "SH1", "TB1"]

Probe source

PR1 Internal WLSc generator for PHAROS (460 - 1600 nm)
PR2 Internal SH generator for PHAROS (350 - 750 nm)
PR3 Internal WLSc generator for Ti:Sa systems
PR4 External probe source from ORPHEUS

Delay stage

DL1 Standard delay stage
DL2 Other delay stage

Probe beam delay configurations

DLC1 2 ns probe beam delay configuration
DLC2 4 ns probe beam delay configuration
DLC3 8 ns probe beam delay configuration
DLC4 Other probe beam delay configuration

Multichannel (broadband) detector

DM1 Si NMOS UV/VIS/NIR detector (256 pixels, 200 - 1100 nm)
DM2 InGaAs NIR/SWIR detector (256 pixels, 900 - 2600 nm)
DM3 InGaAs NIR/SWIR detector (256 pixels, 900 - 1700 nm)
DM4 Other multichannel detector


SP0 No spectrograph
SP4 Internal spectrograph

Berek compensator

BC1 Manual Berek compensator
BC2 Motorized Berek compensator

Sample holder

SH1 Manual sample holder
SH2 Motorized sample mover

Neutral density filters

NDF1 Manual neutral density filters
NDF2 Motorized neutral density filters

Additional options

AD1 Measurement in reflection mode
AD2 Glan-Taylor polarizer
AD3 Reference photodiode
AD4 CaF2 crystal rotator for Ti:Sa systems
AD5 Beam profiler
AD6 Motorized pump mirror
AD7 External beam stabilization
AD9 Cryostat adapter
AD10 Sample stirrer
AD11 Flash photolysis extension

IR Configuration

DS3 HARPIA-TA in mid-IR configuration with MCT Mid-IR/LWIR single-point detector (2 ‑ 13 ┬Ám)

HARPIA-TF Extension

TF1 HARPIA-TF with standard TCSPC detector (<180 ps)
TF2 HARPIA-TF with high-speed TCSPC detector (<50 ps)

HARPIA-TB Extension

TB1 HARPIA-TB Third beam extension

HARPIA-MM Extension

MM1 Microscopy, bulk and brightfield modules with 4x and 10x objectives, and XYZ sample stage

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